Services & Facilities

At Cherry Blossom

Experience a high standard of living and convenience, personalized services, and other special privileges.
You can enjoy spring starting March/April with the Cherry Blossom season, tour our gardens during summer months and cultivate our home grown organic vegetables, watch the fog that settles in at night during September & August and wake up to witness the sun breaking through the clouds. Mornings are magical, afternoon and evenings can be even more so.

Beyond the stylish rooms and fine dining menu, Cherry Blossoms Resorts is at your disposal to attend to all of your needs during your stay.

Spend your day playing on the tennis court, splashing in the infinity pool, or hiking down trails to the creek that runs through Lamartine Valley.

– Spring Venue
– Al Karaz Restaurant
– Lobby bar lounge
– Terrace
– Large swimming pool
– Sports courts
– Playground
– Conference Room
– Walking trail
– Parking
– Valet parking
– room service
– High-speed WI-FI access
– Dry cleaning & laundry

In case you require a particular service not listed above, please call us or approach the reception desk so we can assist you satisfactorily.